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Medicolegal expertise

In any professional’s clinical activity tensions may arise when expectations from either parties, patient and doctor, are not met. Strain may originate from the patient not understanding properly the care plan the doctor proposed. Equally, the situation may be the result of improper actions of the dentist, due to misdiagnosis or an unfit clinical procedure.  

Finding a positive solution to the conflict, by understanding which of the two cases stands is fundamental. The first step to clarify things is to identify each party’s responsibility profile. This step should be carried out by expert professionals, endowed with the uprightness that is necessary to look into each situation with objectiveness.  

If it is ascertained that the patient really suffered a harm because of actions not ascribable to him/her, then looking for a solution bringing relief to the harm he/she suffered is the right and proper thing to do. Unfortunately, commencing legal proceedings becomes the only way  to find reparation to the damage suffered. This means also another fundamental figure, the lawyer, makes the scene. The two roles have to be competent and able and act in perfect sync. In fact, lack in communication between lawyers and medicolegal consultants is often a point of weakness when a dental controversy is engaged. 

Thanks to the synergy between medicolegal and clinical expertise we realized through the stable and strong collaboration between Dr. Foundoukian, Milan court-appointed consultant and Mrs. Molinari, Attorney, we are confident we will be able to provide the best counseling to solve any conflict that can arise in the dental field.

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