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Conservative Dentistry

Conservative Dentistry is the branch of dentistry that deals with the restoration of the tooth hard tissues (enamel and dentine) after they have been eroded by caries. 

Recent advancements in science have deeply changed the way this branch of dentistry is regarded. It cannot be considered any more as it was years ago, both by patients and doctors: simply filling a hole. 

The material used has changed from old silver amalgams to composite resins. This allows us, today, both to improve the aesthetic of restorations and to apply a minimal invasive technique, where only the decayed tissue is removed and healthy tissue is not sacrificed, as it was with the old technique. 

The Centro Odontoiatrico Dentalnarco exploits the most advanced devices to restore the dental element: the dental rubber dam is an aid which is regarded as essential to perform a valid and long-lasting filling. It provides the dry field condition which is necessary for the proper adhesion and hardening of the resin applied to fill the cavity. Using the caries detector, a chemical dye, in association with magnifying loupes and the traditional diagnostic tools,  allows us to assess if the compromised tissue in the caries cavity has been removed totally. Finally, we apply the “two steps” adhesive system. This, according to the most distinguished scientific international publications is regarded as the best guarantee for restoration adhesion and to insulate dentine from external stimulation. 

This complete set of treatments we apply according to universally recognized protocols and with passion, allows to realize high-quality, functional and aesthetic restoration to fully meet our patients’ expectations.


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