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When caries deepen inside the tooth, they can reach the dental pulp (the nerve) causing its acute inflammation or necrosis and the consequent possibility of a pulpitis or an abscess. In such cases, an endodontic therapy is necessary to allow the tooth to be restored. Endodontic (from ancient Greek, endo = inner and odontos = tooth) is the branch of dentistry that deals with the inner part of the tooth. Removing the nerve, disinfecting accurately the root canals, and sealing the cavity that was previously containing the pulp are the three fundamental steps an endodontic therapy (usually called devitalization) is made of. 

The right endodontic therapy is at the base of the success of any therapy aiming to rehabilitate the dental element: from a simple restoration to the more complex insertion of an inlay or of a prosthetic crown. It avoids the risk of infections around the teeth roots and the consequent ailment and pain.  

The Centro Odontoiatrico Dentalnarco offers high-quality endodontic therapies, guaranteeing the maximum comfort to the patient. This is achieved through the constant training and refreshing of its Medical Operators, and by using the most advanced devices, according to clinical protocol and techniques validated by the international scientific community. 

The starting point to achieve a good endodontic therapy are the rubber dam, to isolate the operative field (the dental element), the constant exploitation of magnifying devices, the use of state of the art rotating instruments to shape the canals, and constant attention to details. However, it’s our experience and our passion that give the added value that leads to the patient’s full satisfaction.

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