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Orthodontics and Orthognatics

Orthodontics in the adult or in the adolescent having all permanent teeth


Both in adult patients, and in adolescent patients having all their permanent teeth erupted, choosing the right brace, deciding how teeth must be moved and if extractions are necessary, needs the specialist to collect all data required to study the clinical case properly, a phase that is described as an “orthodontic check-up”. 


Usually braces are applied both on the upper and on the lower arch for a 24-30 months period. That is why this is defined a “fixed therapy”. In order to place the brace, usually 3-4 dates are scheduled, once a week. The first lasts for five minutes, the following two require half an hour, while the last one needs one hour and a half/two hours to be completed. 


Once the brace is in place, a 20-30 minutes control visit is needed once every 3-5 weeks. 


What does “retention” mean?


After a fixed therapy, a retention phase follows: some retentive devices are applied in order to maintain the results that have been achieved. If this phase were not carried out, teeth could move and misalign again. Usually a plate for the upper arch is manufactured, in order to be worn 24 hours a day on the first month after brace removal, and then over night only. As far as the lower arch is concerned, a retention wire is placed on the lingual face of the lower teeth.

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