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Mobile Prosthesis

Mobile prosthodontics is the discipline that studies and carries out the procedures to replace missing teeth, gums and bone tissues with devices the patient can remove freely. Its main aim is to restore the masticatory and phonatory function, respecting the health of the surrounding bone and gingival tissues, the temporomandibular joints and the neuromuscular balance, to get a harmonic and aesthetically valid result. 

These devices may be distinguished between partial removable dentures (when some teeth of the patients are still present and healthy) and complete removable dentures (when all teeth are missing). 

When some dental elements are still present, or some osseointegrated implants can be used as a support, the removable denture can be anchored with different systems (clasps, hooks, bars) in order to get a greater stability. 

The key to get and preserve a proper result over time is the accurate planning and rigorous execution of all clinical steps. As an architect needs metric surveys and planimetric drawings, the prosthodontist needs a huge amount of data in order to design a plan respecting the criteria cited above. The general and dental health patient’s states are analyzed, and bi/tridimensional X-rays, pictures, impressions of dental arches, recordings of their spatial relation, notes about the facial mimic and others are collected. 

After collecting data, according to the patient’s needs and requests, the prosthodontist develops a specific, detailed and complete plan, comprising also therapeutic alternatives, and discusses with the patient the best choice for his/her case.  

As we said before, the planning and design steps are fundamental to avoid starting wrong therapies that can compromise, even in an irremediable way, the dental and sometimes the general patient’s health condition. Next, the execution steps are equally important. The choice of proper techniques, correct technologies and state-of-the-art materials and the collaboration with a highly specialized dental technical lab are crucial factors to get the best result and to guarantee its quality over time.

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