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Oral hygiene

When shall my child have his/her first oral hygiene session? What about following control visits?

Usually children do not produce much tartar, but a hygiene control visit is important:

- After they are 3 years old: all primary teeth are present and some children may have black pigmentations around the gingival border of the tooth. Children may have bad dietary habits (i.e. drinking sugar-enriched drinks to get asleep or eat sweets and candies often along the day), that should be corrected as soon as possible in order to avoid caries formation. 

Controls should follow: 

Once every 12 months, until the child is 5.5-6 years of age.

Once every 6 months after the child is 5.5-6 years of age, since he/she starts changing his/her teeth from primary to permanent ones, which will last there for all his/her lifetime, and therefore he/she must learn to brush them properly.

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