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Orthodontics and Orthognatics


When is the right moment to have a brace placed to my child? 

When a brace is placed to a child who still has some deciduous teeth, this is said to be performing an “interceptive therapy”. It is applied, in fact, to “intercept” some problems at an early stage, while others will be treated when the entire permanent denture is present. 

Such issues may be: 

1) Superior anterior teeth are too protruding

2) Reverse-sequencing chewing patterns in the anterior or lateral sectors

3) Narrow palate


The treatment is carried out for 12-18 months. The brace is chosen after studying the single case of the little patient. 


What is the case study, or the orthodontic check-up?  


It means gathering all the information the specialist needs to decide the brace type and the treatment duration.   

It usually consists of:

          - X-ray panoramic of both arches

- A side radiography of the head (lateral teleradiography)

- Gypsum models of dental arches

- Pictures


What is a space maintainer?

When a child loses a primary tooth because of

a) cavitated caries

b) even if treated, still abscess problems are present


a space maintainer is necessary: it’s a device, as its name says, that maintains the proper space between the adjacent teeth until the permanent tooth is ready to erupt in the arch.

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