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First visit and Collaboration


When is my child to be visited for the first time?

When he/she is 3 years old: all primary teeth are erupted and a control visit to assess they are all and healthy is advised. 

Then at 5.5-6 years: because permanent teeth begin to erupt and the deciduous ones to be lost. This is the age when learning how to brush teeth properly is important for the child. 

When shall my child undergo his/her first X-ray?

Usually when he/she is six years old. A panoramic X-ray is advisable in order to assess if all permanent teeth are ready to erupt, and there are no supernumerary teeth.


The child has to be collaborating in order to allow the dental treatment to be performed. Often, filling a tooth needs up to one hour. If the child is having a tantrum or moves it will be impossible working with him/her. 

How can I get my child ready for the dentist?

During the session, the pedodontist tries to make everything look as a game to the child, also when the therapy is burdensome.  

Even if parents are scared of dental therapies, they shall avoid transmitting their fears to their children. Saying to the child “You are going to have an injection” or “you are going to have your tooth drilled” is not advisable. “She is going to put your tooth to sleep with a liquid” or “she is going to clean your tooth from the caries and she’ll put a paste to fill the hole” will be much better. A given concept shall be explained with words not conveying a negative meaning. In such a way the child won’t be scared of the fact he/she has to go to the dentist and will behave at his/her best on each session.


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