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Hi! I am Laura and I have been working as an Assistant in Dentalnarco since 1999. I assist during all kinds of procedure  but what I love more is surgery and prosthetics. Since 2005 I am the first Assistant to Prof. Di Stefano, a role which gratifies me at the most. Since 1999 I am also the Representative for the Safety of Workers of Dentalnarco. 

I have joined the Cenacolo Odontostomatologico Milanese, following the cultural events addressed to Assistants they organize. I have taken also surgery, implantology and prosthetic, resuscitation and first aid courses that have been organized either by Dentalnarco itself or by others, as the S.I.C.O.I or Krugg-Henry Schein etc. 

In a few words, I always try to do my best while doing my job.




Hello, I am Cinzia and I have been working in this Dental Facility since 2002. 

I attended several events organized by the Cenacolo Odontostomatologico Milanese, as: 

- November, 2004 – XXIII International Congress (Bologna)

- 2004/2005 – ANDI Course

- November, 2009 – XXII Milano Implantology Days (Milano)

- Using Nitrous Oxide (a Course at the Civitali Centre)

- Different Surgery Courses (Bergamo, Milano)

- 2010 – First Aid Course (at Dentalnarco)

- November, 2011 – Surgery Course at Prodent 


I adore my job since I love being in touch with people and helping patients to heal from their disorders, and contributing to give them their “smile” back, gratifies me a lot.


Hello, I am Manuela and I have been working as an Assistant in Dentalnarco since 2007. 

I appreciate the professionalism, commitment and dedication they have given me during my training and along all these years. There is a great bond between all of us and human relationships are great. Since I love my job, I begin every day with a smile. 




My name is Alice, I am 29, and I have joined Dentalnarco on September 1st, 2010. 

I do like my job. It is never boring and gives me the opportunity to be in touch with people. I love especially to assist children, so I am particularly happy when I can join Dr. Ronchi. 

I do want to develop my career, with a constant focus on my professional growth.




Hi! I am Gabriela and I have been working in Centro Dentalnarco since December 2010

In Dentalnarco I have joined a team of professionals who taught me to love my job. Being an Assistant to a Dentist does not mean simply handing out instruments or aspirating saliva, but being part of a team that is doing its best in all clinical situation to give the patient complete satisfaction. What I like more in my job is watching people smiling as they used to do when they were children. 





Hello, I am Andreia and I have joined Dentalnarco in 2011. 

I love especially implantology and I am proud to be the second Surgery Assistant in the Prof. Di Stefano team. I attended several courses and conferences organized by the Dentalnarco Centre, Bioteck, Krugg-Henry Schein and the Cenacolo Milanese about surgery, implantology, prosthetics, and intra-oral photography. I love working with the Dentalnarco team since it makes me grow both intellectually and professionally.




I am Jenni and I have just joined the team. 

Being an Assistant is a new experience to me, and learning a job of primary importance in a Centre like Dentalnarco is a real challenge. Being an Assistant implies the responsibility to perform essential and fundamental duties, like sterilizing instruments and helping Doctors in the daily practice, creating the best conditions to allow them to give our patients the best.


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