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Dental laser

Laser in dentistry is a new technology to treat oral pathologies. It provides the patient undergoing treatment a definite comfort and great therapeutic effectiveness. It shows haemostatic, coagulating and wound healing effects: for small oral surgeries, laser therapy is less invasive, reduces bleeding, and avoids the need for suturing while eliminating post-operative discomfort (swelling, bleeding, pain etc.). 

Decontamination/anti-bacterial effect. 

Laser, thanks to its bactericide effect, reduces the risk of infections and relapses, preventing swelling and inflammation that usually occur after a surgery. 

Healing is fast and without complications. Cutting and excising are made easy: managing the zone under treatment is simple since bleeding is absent. 

When laser treatment is combined with tartar removal and scaling (sub-gingival cleaning), a reduction of the periodontal pockets probing depth and an increase in the periodontal attachment levels are usually observed. 

Laser allows also to treat aphtous stomatitis and herpes labialis promptly and effectively.  

In periodontics, which deals with the disorders of teeth supporting and stabilizing tissues, laser treatment kills part of the sub-gingival bacterial flora, thanks to its bactericide effect. Therefore, it decontaminates the periodontal pockets and is particularly effective to treat pyorrhea, a diffuse chronic inflammation affecting the tissues surrounding the tooth root that, in most severe cases, can lead to the tooth loss. 

Dental bleaching:

Laser goes in depth, acting effectively on teeth stains (caused by tobacco smoke, coffee, tea, antibiotics or simply by tooth aging). The treatment does not affect the enamel, is pain-free and has no side effects. Results are satisfying and long lasting.


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