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Nitrous oxide sedation

Sedation by nitrous oxide has been used in US for decades. On recent years, it has gained popularity in Italy as well. The Centro Dentalnarco, since its foundation in 1993, is equipped with all the devices that make its application easy and simple. 

In this way, we embrace the philosophy regarding a patient as an individual needing not only treatments but also serenity and calmness. 

Nitrous oxide desensitizes oral mucous tissues and increases the pain perception threshold. It enhances the effect of anesthetics and minimizes the flowing of time perception. It eases anxiety, fear, stress, discomfort, irritability, impatience. It gives euphoria and leaves a pleasant sensation. 

The patient breathes it through an inhaler, placed over his/her nose, releasing a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide, at a personalized ratio, in order to reach a calm and relaxed status. The effect develops quickly, and ends as soon as the patient stops inhaling the gas mixture. 

Nitrous oxide treatment is not a contraindication to driving (while a patient who has undergone a traditional sedation must no drive a car for hours after taking the drug). 

Sedative analgesia may be useful to anyone. Any patient can benefit from it: either adult or child, phobic or indifferent, calm or nervous, fearful or fearless. It helps the phobic patient who, otherwise, would not undergo any treatment. It makes the child cooperative. It eases definitively anxiety and fear in the adult. It also helps patient “at risk” whose stress may represent the triggering cause of the pathology, and lead to the most extreme consequences. 

Further, this technique is useful also in oral hygiene sessions, that sometimes cause the patient a certain discomfort. When impressions are taken it eliminates the gag reflex and during debridement it allows deep cleaning even if teeth are highly sensitive or gingival inflammation is present.

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