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Main operating room


he Main Operating Room is an area that qualifies specifically the Centro Dentalnarco, and from where it derives its name (from Narcosis i.e. General Anesthesia). 

It has been always dedicated to oral and implant surgery. 

In the past, the Room was equipped with devices allowing to perform general anesthesia. Today, they have been replaced by less burdensome procedures, still allowing long-duration surgeries (more than six hours) and guaranteeing the highest comfort to the patient, not perceiving the flowing of time. 

The wide room available in the Surgery area allows to perform complex surgeries, with a team of surgeons working at the same time, comprising all the assistants (for more complex operations the team can add up to ten persons). 

Operating protocols are the same currently applied in hospitals. This makes the Centro Dentalnarco much more similar to a clinic than a simple dental practice. 

The Main Operating Room, needless to say, is equipped with all cutting-edge technologies for implant placement and bone regeneration. 

Moreover, the Room is equipped with a professional filming system, allowing the recording of any surgery and its broadcasting in the training room.  

Surgeries can be viewed in video streaming through the internet. Colleagues can assist surgeries while seated in their office, as they were right in the Room. Surgeries can be shared with wide groups of colleagues (some events have been broadcasted to more than two hundred participants at the same time). 

All this, coupled to the excellent preparation of our operators, allows us to provide our patients with the best solution even when cases are really complex and difficult.


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